Learn more about how a graduate education at Temple helps students realize their goals, make meaningful connections and participate in important research initiatives.

Jaggar DeMarco on campus

Jaggar DeMarco

PhD Media and Communication
Klein College of Media and Communication

"My goal in grad school is to show that there is no social justice without disability advocacy. I have a lot of different projects going on which are all community and public-based and centered in disability in one way or another."

Ontaria Kim Wilson

Ontaria Kim Wilson

MFA Directing
Boyer College of Music and Dance

"Our society puts so much stress on time and age, but I have learned that those things shouldn’t hold you back from doing what you love to do."

Negar Ghasemi posing with her piano

Negar Ghasemi

MS Music Technology 
Boyer College of Music and Dance

"Coming to Temple was like finding a family that I felt a lack of upon my immigration."

Sena Atsugah smiling on campus

Sena Abigail Atsugah

PhD Dance  
Boyer College of Music and Dance

"It’s important to remember that your family and friends are looking up to you, and the world is looking up to you."

Yerusalem Yohannes smiling on campus

Yerusalem Yohannes

MPH Social and Behavioral Sciences  
College of Public Health

"With Temple being such a big school, it was amazing how I received such a high level of personal and individualized support."

Camila Franco Rodriguez on campus

Camila Franco Rodriguez

PhD Hispanic Linguistics
College of Liberal Arts

"There’s something really comforting about being able to speak Spanish with people in my department."

Hannah Kim on campus

Hannah Kim

PhD Bioinformatics
College of Science and Technology

“When you conduct research, it’s all about finding something new and unique – and you will learn a lot about yourself along the way too.” 

Mariel Delacruz smiling on campus

Mariel Delacruz

PhD Criminal Justice
College of Liberal Arts

“Being able to contribute to my own community, especially in North Philly, has been a motivating factor for me throughout my studies.” ​

Jovan Andjelkovic stands on campus

Jovan Andjelkovic

PhD Machine Learning
College of Science and Technology

“The best moment of teaching is the light bulb moment, and the happiness you see when the student realizes they understand the material.” 

Masters student Linh Vo stands smiling on campus

Linh Vo

MS Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
Fox School of Business

“Temple helped me get out of my comfort zone to try new things. It will expose you to all kinds of opportunities, and all you have to do is take the steps to grab them.” 

PhD candidate Lucas de Souza Martins stands smiling on Temple's campus

Lucas de Souza Martins

PhD Diplomatic History
College of Liberal Arts

“I have had many opportunities to visit the countries I’m studying, to meet with policymakers, and to network with important figures in my field.”

Glass artist Amber Cowan stands smiling in her bright kitchen surrounded by glass sculptures and hanging plants.

Amber Cowan 

Ceramics/Glass MFA 
Tyler School of Art and Architecture
Class of 2011

“I had a wonderful support system at Tyler and met some of my best friends in the graduate program.”

Temple University College of Liberal Arts Anthropology student and Fulbright scholar Dana Muñiz Pacheco.

Dana Muñiz Pacheco

Anthropology PhD
College of Liberal Arts 
Class of 2024

Temple has been a space for me to grow, both personally and professionally. From the mentoring of faculty, to research and conference grants, to the diversity within the urban setting of campus, I have gained the tools to project my career after graduation. 

Temple University College of Liberal Arts History student and Fulbright scholar Eric Perinovic.

Eric Perinovic

History PhD
College of Liberal Arts 
Class of 2022

Dr. Jay Lockenour is one of the only people in the United States that I could work with on my project and research interests. He's offered me a great deal of help and support along the way. In many ways, applying to a PhD program is like applying for an apprenticeship.

Temple University Tyler School of Art and Architecture History student and Fulbright scholar William Schwaller.

William Schwaller

Art History PhD
Tyler School of Art and Architecture
Class of 2023

Temple has given me a great venue, the time to focus my research and really find myself as an art historian. Similarly, it has prepared me to teach, with ample opportunities, and to develop a style that empowers and engages my students.

Anthropology doctorate student, Keisha Wiel, smiles for a headshot.

Keisha I. Wiel

Anthropology PhD
College of Liberal Arts
Class of 2024

The opportunities that I was able to get through Temple, such as attending the Linguistic Summer Institute, opened me up to further my goals. Because of this, I’ve been able to present my research at conferences all over the world and meet with scholars that have dominated my field.”