Before you submit your application to Temple University, read through these important details.

1. Review Temple's admissions requirements.

Review the information below to ensure that you meet the minimum level of study required for graduate admissions consideration at Temple University. Applicants from certain countries have specific requirements.

African Countries

For applicants from African countries (other than British- or French-patterned educations), university degree requiring four years of study.

Asian Countries

For applicants from Asian countries not specifically identified, university degree requiring four years of study. For requirements specific to applicants educated in China, please see below.

Bangladesh, India, Nepal​ and Pakistan

For applicants educated in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan, a bachelor’s degree must be earned in agriculture, engineering, forestry, medicine, pharmacy or technology. Note: A three-year bachelor’s degree in arts, business administration, commerce, education or science is not considered sufficient for graduate study at Temple University. With a three-year degree, the student must have earned either a postgraduate diploma or a master’s degree in a related discipline to demonstrate equivalency with a U.S. bachelor’s degree. For requirements specific to applicants educated in India, please see below.

British-Patterned Education

Bachelor’s degree with honors.


From Quebec, three-year bachelor’s degree; from other provinces, four-year bachelor’s degree.

Central and South America

University degree requiring four years of study.

European Countries

For applicants from European countries not specifically identified, 

  • if the institution adheres to the Bologna Declaration and participates in the European Higher Education Area, students are required to have a university degree requiring three years of study, and
  • if not a participating institution, students are required to have a university degree requiring four years of study.

French-Patterned Education

Maîtrise from university or completion of diplôme d’ingénieur from grandes écoles.


University diplom is preferred, or at least one year of full-time higher study beyond vordiplom.

Middle East

University degree requiring four years of study.

Newly Independent States

Number of years of university study depends on the new nation; contact the Graduate School for clarification on documentation.


A four- or five-year bachelor’s degree.

All Other Countries

Bachelor’s degree or degree comparable to a U.S. bachelor’s degree, as determined by Temple University, awarded by a postsecondary institution recognized by the country’s own Ministry of Education.

Students within Temple University's Lewis Katz School of Medicine work in small groups with a professor.

2. Take a test of academic English.

If you have not earned a bachelor's or graduate (master's or doctoral) degree from a U.S. institution, take a test of academic English, such as the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Academic tests. These scores are required if you were not born in the U.S. and were educated at an international institution, or if you are a U.S. citizen who earned a degree abroad from an institution for which the language of instruction was not English.

International applicants should note that

  • no photocopies of TOEFL or PTE Academic score reports for a test of academic English will be accepted from applicants.
  • scores for these tests must be reported by the testing service to Temple University within two years of the test date. If you have taken the IELTS in the past two years, you may submit the IELTS score report or the Test Report Form (TRF) number from the report, which will allow us to verify your scores. (This can only be done for the IELTS, not for either the TOEFL or PTE Academic.) The minimum acceptable scores are outlined below. 

Note: These scores are set by the Graduate School; however, some degree programs may have a higher minimum. Applicants should consult the Graduate Bulletin for information on the minimum acceptable scores for their specific degree program.


Minimum Score

Score Reporting

TOEFL Internet-based (iBT)


Electronic report from Educational Testing Service to institution code 2906, with the exception of the College of Public Health and College of Science and Technology. For College of Public Health programs, please refer to your program’s application instructions. The code for the College of Science and Technology is B886.

IELTS Academic


IELTS score report or the TRF number from the report to your admissions department or to the Graduate School at Temple University.

IELTS General Training





Duolingo score report website accessed by the Graduate School online, provided you identify Temple University Graduate School as a recipient of your scores.

PTE Academic


Pearson's score report website accessed by the Graduate School online, provided you identify Temple University as a recipient of your scores.

3. Plan to apply as early as possible.

Find your degree program of interest in the Graduate Bulletin, and learn its application deadline and admissions requirements. Deadlines vary by program, and your application must be complete by the program's stated deadline. Apply as early as possible—preferably 90 days before the stated program deadline and by Dec. 15 if you are interested in being nominated for a fellowship.

    4. Gather the necessary information.

    Begin gathering the documentation needed in support of your application. Some schools and colleges require additional information.