The “Three Minute Thesis” (3MT) Competition

The Temple University Graduate School and campus partners host an annual 3MT Competition. This competition allows graduate students from the schools and colleges to share a three-minute version of their research with a lay audience. Participating students compete for scholarship awards from the Graduate School.

On April 12, the Spring 2023 competition was held before a live audience for the first time. Earlier competitions were held via Zoom.

2023 3MT Winners and Finalists



Research Title

FIRST PLACE – Astha Upadhyay

Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering

Recycling of Electronic Waste: Trash to Treasure


Chemistry, College of Science and Technology

Green Hydrogen: A Step Towards Clean Energy

Shashiprabha Dunuweera

Chemistry, College of Science and Technology

A Novel System for Effective Cancer Therapy

Niamh Farrell

Political Science, College of Liberal Arts

China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Public Opinion on Sovereignty: Evidence From the Former Soviet Union

Carolina Gonzalez

Biomedical Sciences/Organ Systems and Translational Medicine, Lewis Katz School of Medicine

Circle of Life: Treating Heart Inflammation with Circular RNA

Soni Jha

Business Administration/Strategic Management, Fox School of Business and Management

Firms’ Collocation Decisions and FDI: Disentangling the Impact of Location Centrality vs. Firm Embeddedness on Firm Productivity

Meng-Shan Lee

Music Therapy, Boyer College of Music and Dance

The Effect of Song-Based Interventions on Psychosocial Factors for Adults in Rehabilitation and Their Caregivers

Naida Elena Montes

Geography and Urban Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Homes as Protective Spaces and Sites of Environmental Burden

Muktak Tripathi

Business Administration/Accounting, Fox School of Business and Management

Asymmetry in Operating Efficiency and Managerial Ability

Finalists and winners from the 2023 Temple University 3MT competition